This blogging thingie

I don’t see how people do it. Where do they get the urge and ability to sit at the end of the day and examine with a cold eye the extraordinary or sad doings of the close ones. Blogs being always about others and the influence they have on the one who writes, the scarce spark of originality quickly drowned in references and superfluous explanations. Lack of confidence also triggers an avalanche of back ups – comments, ratings, pingbacks, tagging. Even using categories such as the present “Rants” is a sign of literary weakness “oh yes this is completely silly but look I tagged it as personal blurb so it’s valid in that context”. I can’t fathom the need to spew out any and every state of mind. My sad moments are drowned as quickly as possible in the appropriate amount of alcohol, while the happy ones – sorry world – are not for share. Guess I’ll mostly use this here web-based journal application to write about registry keys.

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