How to subclass CSS properties?

You can’t. The HTML keyword ‘class’ might be misleading, but it has nothing to do with inheritance, encapsulation, etc. In CSS, any definition can overwrite anything else, no matter where it’s placed in the DOM, and to make things worse, all browsers accept a “quirks” rendering mode that tolerates syntax errors and tries to make up for them in whatever way the programmer saw fit. All DOM element properties can also be re-defined dynamically with JavaScript, on events like Load, MouseOver, Blur, with timers, etc. Browsers also accept user-defined style sheets, and most of the time the user won’t even know he/she has defined one while installing a ‘skin’, ‘theme’ or simply changing the default operating system fonts. The bottom line is: you don’t have a fucking clue where you are in a document, and how the container you are referring to looks like.

Cannot uninstall application!?

Windows Installer is an unnecessarily complex tool, that checks weird things like domain policies or vendor digital signatures, when all you’d ask from it is to place a bloody shortcut on the desktop. It also tends to leave a lot of crap around when anything goes wrong. A few hints on how to fix it:
1. First, try going to add/remove programs, if you’re lucky the installer package has a “repair” option that actually works. After it finishes fixing whatever it was – proceed with the uninstall 🙂
2. Try reinstalling the application completely from the original package and then uninstall.
3. Try doing the steps above with as little else as possible running on the machine (yes, you must close Yahoo Messenger too). Disable antivirus software, try to kill whatever else looks redundant using task manager, all these if you can get to a functional desktop fully loaded because
4. It won’t work in safe mode. The bloody thing requires a system service that refuses to start because it is considered.. “unsafe”. Hah. The trick is to register msiserver as a “safe” service:
REG ADD "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot\
Minimal\MSIServer" /VE /T REG_SZ /D "Service"

then net start msiserver and proceed with the uninstall
5. Try the “msizap” tool from Microsoft, then go back to step 2
5.bis Don’t, ever, rely on some radical-sounding third-party tool like “REGISTRY EXTERMINATOR PRO”. 99% of them are pure crap.
6. Check if you have the latest MSI version, upgrade or reinstall with the latest redistributable package from Microsoft, then – you guessed, go back to step 1

Switching from Virtual PC to VMWare

Doesn’t work. Don’t try it. Just back up the guest somehow and restore it in the new emulator.
Now that we’ve established that, a few hints:
1. VMWare has a free “Converter” tool. Which requires MSXML4, although you might have a newer one installed (v.6 at the time of this writing). You can get v.4 SP2 from Microsoft, and hope that installing it won’t break anything.
2. If the bloody tool starts, it won’t detect your guest OS. Opening the .vmc in VMWare Server won’t work either. You might get lucky, if the guest is 2k or XP. Definitely doesn’t like Linux.
3. Microsoft’s Virtual Server is now free

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